Why Big Ag Doesn’t Want To Label GMO

by Dr. Bruce Eichelberger on May 16, 2012

Why Don't They Want To Label GMO?

Why Don't They Want To Label GMO?

Okay, this is a biggie. And it is one of the best overviews of why Monsanto and others don’t want to label GMO foods.

You might not be surprised to learn that the whole process is engineered from the start. The stated aim? To take over the world’s food supply. In other words, to make ALL crops GMO. Wow.

This ambitious goal has one thing in mind. They want to have complete control over human life on the planet. The ironic thing is that if they succeed, they will change human life for the worse. They might even eliminate it altogether.

This is monstrosly evil. There isn’t a better way to say it.

Here are the ways they are going about it:

  1. Lies. Everything they say about GMO crops is a lie. The general idea is that GMOs will “save the world.” None of what they claim has been proven. In fact evidence is emerging to show that NONE of what they say is true.
  2. Infiltration of Government. Many, many former big ag executive now hold government office. Where do you think their loyalty lies? For the rest of government, they have a massive lobby pushing their agenda.
  3. Hijacking the FDA. They’ve managed to persuade the supposed watchdog of food safety to approve GMO food without adequate testing.
  4. Covering Up Health Dangers. Any studies that show health damage are ignored. The FDA says GMO is the same as regular food. But there is no basis for this idea. I smell payola.
  5. Fake Safety Assessments. Big Ag companies cherry pick their own studies to submit. Do you think those studies are objective? Yeah, right.
  6. Rigged Studies. Going along with the cherry-picking, studies are designed to “prove” a foregone conclusion. Real science wants answers, not prejudice.
  7. Attacking Everyone. By everyone, I mean farmers, governments  and consumers who want anything but what these Big Ags want. Even something as simple as letting people know what they are eating gets attacked.

These points and more are described in great detail on Natural News. This article, by Jeffrey M. Smith, is extensive. Very much worth reading.

Label GMO?

The most basic benefit the FDA has brought to the marketplace is the requirement for labeling. They require that ingredients are listed on any food label. That’s a great thing.

So why wouldn’t it be a good idea to know if there are GMO ingredients in foods? After all, we are allowed to know if there are organic ingredients. We get to know if there are additives. We can see preservatives and coloring. Why not GMO?

The simple answer is, nobody will eat it. In survey after survey, consumers want to know if they are eating GMOs. And not just by a small margin. 90% want to know. And you can bet that if they know, they will make other choices.

I can see a day FAR in the future when the truth comes out. By then, will it be too late? I hope not.

Whatever you can do to insist on labeling, please do it. And soon. One step is to support the “Cash Bomb Monsanto” campaign in California. The link is here.

If you want to label GMO, you have to act.

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